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  • World Food Day at Rwebitaba ZARDI

    H.E Yoweri K. Museveni the president of the Republic of Uganda visiting the NaSARRI stall at the World Food Day (WFD) Celebrations 2015 at Rwebitaba ZARDI one of the NARO Institutes in Fortportal District.

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  • NaSARRI Trains Breeding Technicians

    It’s against the back drop that the National agricultural Research Organization (NARO) in partnership with the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) initiated a course to train the technicians in breeding techniques.

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  • HOPE 2 Project for developing high yielding finger millet and Sorghum varieties

    Upon Successful Implementation of Phase one, NaSARRI has been considered to implement the second phase of the project adding sorghum as another crop to be improved upon. The project implemented in partnership with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi -Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) based in Kenya had initially considered finger millet in its first phase.

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  • ICRISAT happy with hope2 project progress in Uganda

    During a back stopping visit for the HOPE2 project, Dr. Erick Manyasa and Dr.HamadoTapsoba officials from the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics- ICRISAT Nairobi visited the project implementing partner in Uganda and expressed content with the project progress so far.Dr. Manyasa had met with the project team at the National Semi-Arid Resources Research Institute-Serere

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  • Exhibition in Karamoja

    NaSARRI participation in the exhibition of its Agricultural Technologies during the Karamoja business Leaders Forum Agricultural show in Moroto District.

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  • Farmers to get new greengram varieties

    In eastern and northern Uganda, greengram, popularly known as choroko in Ateso, has been cultivated and consumed for a long time in these regions. The area under greengram is expanding due to increased demand, both in local and regional markets especially Kenya and South Sudan.

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  • Handover at NaSARRI

    The Outgoing Director of Research Dr. Beatrice Akello and In-coming Director Dr. Michael Ugen shake hands at the handover at NaSARRI on 12th August 2015.

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  • NARO makes breakthrough in sorghum

    The Director of Research NaSARRI Dr. Micheal Ugen(middle) with Senior Research Officer Mr. Johnie Ebiyau, inspecting a Striga and drought resistant Sorghum varieties field due for release in Namutumba District).

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Staff contacts


Dr. Michael A. Ugen Director +256 (454) 463 663
+256 (454) 463 665
Mugoya Joshua Senior Humman Resource & Admin Officer +256 705 171 840
+256 772 388 422
Mbalule Simon Systems Admin +256 779 506 903
+256 779 506 903
Dr. Nelson Wanyera Plant Breeder/millets +256 772 447 754
Ebiyau Johnnie Plant Breeder/Sorghum +256 772 593 842
Dr. Lubadde Geofrey Pathologist/Program Leader cereals +256 772 965 752
+256 705 014 145
Wandulu Joseph Entomologist/Cereals +256 772 444 767
+256 753 444 767
Dr. Biruma Moses Pathologist/Program leader oilcrops +256 779 035 814
+256 705 555 814
Walter Anyanga Plant Breeder/Sesame (Simsim) +256 772 567616
Kalule Okello David Plant Breeding/Groundnuts +256 753 858 768
Anguria Paul Plant Agronomist/Groundnuts +256 782 234 317
+256 715 510 815
Sadina Beatrice Soil fertility +256 782 269 022
Elobu Pius Agronomist/Cotton +256 772 668 592
Takan John Peter Pathologist/Cotton +256 772 475 306
Amoding Gladys Plant breeder/Cotton +256 779 624 820
Dr. Orwawu martin Plant breeder/Cotton +256 772 953 112
Gayi Dennis Plant Entomologist/Cotton +256 776 893 439
Obuo peter Plant Agronomist/Program leader Legumes +256 782 443 318
Mbeyagala Emmanuel Plant Breeder/Legumes (Cowpea, pigeon pea and Greengram) +256 752 368 636 kmbeyagala@gmail
Amayo Robert Plant Pathologist/Legumes (Cowpea, pigeon pea and Greengram) +256 701 378 021
+256 785 216326


1. NARO releases FOUR Surghum varieties NAROsoghum1, NAROsorghum2, NAROsorghum3 and NAROsorghum4 Read More

2.Monitoring Visit to NaSARRI groundnuts project by the TL111 team 25th-28th June 2017

3. The 25th Source of the Nile, National Agricultural and Trade show, 17th-23rd July 2017-Jinja Uganda.

4. The World Food Day 16th October-2017 at Kacwekano ZARDI – Kabale District Uganga

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8. Upcoming Agricultural and Trade show July 2017 at Jinja show ground Uganda

9. Mr. Ebiyau John (Senior Research Officer) looks to pass on his sorghum genius. Read More

10. The Institute releases new millet variety for use in brewing beer. Read More

NaSARRI Program Technologies

NaSARRI conducts research on only one fibre crop Cotton Read More...

The dry land cereal programe conducts research in millets (finger and pearl millets) and sorghum. Read More...

The dry land cereal programme conducts research on Cowpea and Greengram Read More...

The Oilcrops program conducts research on (Groundnuts, Simsim and Sunflower). Read More...

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